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Reports on Bike & Pedestrian Safety & Infrastructure

Roeland Park adopted the Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure Strategy in 2017 to incorporate a program of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements in the City of Roeland Park, KS. It presents a deliberate and phased approach to building a safer and more interconnected network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Since 2017, Roeland Park has installed numerous areas of missing sidewalk segments when completing construction projects and to prioritize projects in a strategy focused lens to create a network of sidewalks that are safe, comfortable, continuous, and that connect important destinations. This strategy also identifies a priority bicycle network that synthesizes several planning efforts and identifies specific infrastructure improvements for different segments of the network.

This map shows several locations where sidewalks have been added around Roeland Park as well as bike lane facilities that have been incorporated to increase other alternative methods of transportation. 

The list below shows sidewalk extensions and bike lanes/sharrows installed from 2017 to date:

 Sidewalk Extensions (Linear Feet)

  • Johnson Drive-Roe Blvd to Roeland Drive (345 L.F.)
  • Buena Vista – Shawnee Mission Parkway to 53rd St (414 L.F.)
  • Aldi Staircase – Roe Lane/Elledge Dr (110 L.F.)
  • Reinhardt Drive – 50th St to 49th St (381 L.F.)
  • Roe Blvd – North of 48th St (375 L.F.)
  • Cedar St – Rosewood Dr to Sycamore Dr (212 L.F.)
  • Rosewood Dr – 55th St to Alder Dr (684 L.F.)
  • Roe Lane – 48th St to city limits (724 L.F.)
  • Birch St – 58th St to Roeland Dr (901 L.F.)

 Total Linear Footage of Sidewalk Extensions – 4,146

 Bike Lanes/Sharrows (Miles)

  • Elledge Dr – Roe Lane to 47th St (.84 Miles)
  • Reinhardt Dr – 48th St to Pawnee Dr (.46 Miles)
  • 50th Terr/Cedar St – (.34 Miles)
  • Roe Lane – Roe Blvd to City Limits (.81 Miles)
  • 47th St – Roe Lane to Mission Road (1.1 Miles)

 Total miles of Bike Lanes/Sharrows – 3.55 Miles

Bike & Pedestrian Committee Final Report
Bike Lane & Sidewalk Extensions Installed Since 2017
Pedestrian Bicycle Infrastructure Strategy September 2017