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Posted on: April 30, 2021

Roeland Park Citizens’ Academy - Call for Applications

Citizens  Academy

The Citizens’ Academy is a free program designed to give Roeland Park citizens a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the City. 

The class sessions are scheduled for two hours (from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.) each Tuesday starting with the 1st Tuesday in September and ending on the first Tuesday in November (9 weeks). Below are the class topics and locations. The class will be held in-person. 

All participants will be accepted into the program unless the number of applicants exceeds desired enrollment of no more than 16 individuals. Class size is limited due to the desire for the Academy to remain informal and adequately allow for questions, responses, and tours for the sessions. In the event the number of applicants for the Citizens’ Academy is larger than 16 participants, applicants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Session 1 Governing the City: at City Hall, Tour 2nd floor City Hall - A review of the relationship between the City Council and City Administration, the role of Advisory Boards and Committees, and other appointed offices (City Clerk, City Attorney, City Engineer, Judge/Prosecutor).

Session 2 Key Policy Documents: at City Hall, The Budget, Goals and Objectives, Capital Improvement Plan, and the City Code - Policy is the driving force behind long range planning and day to day operations.  A review of the key policies will establish a broad understanding of why we do what we do for the attendees as they work through future sessions.

Session 3 Public Safety: at City Hall - Tour & overview of the Police and municipal court services.  Review of equipment and vehicles used by the police department.  A look at the cooperative services shared with other Johnson County police departments (Animal Control and Mental Health Co-responder, dispatch services). 

Session 4 Fire and Ambulance Services: at Consolidated Fire District #2 (6400 Martway, Mission, KS) - Tour and briefing by Consolidated Fire District #2 and Medact on the fire and emergency medical services they provide, equipment they use and the structure by which they are governed.

Session 5 Code Enforcement, Building Inspection and Economic Development: at City Hall -   Review of the roll and purpose of code enforcement and building inspection services including a review of the procedures and technology capabilities employed in the process. Review the tools (CID, TIF, IRB’s) and recent examples of economic development projects in the City.

Session 6 Parks, Recreation and Art: start at the Community Center, 4850 Rosewood Drive, Roeland Park. A tour of the Community Center, Aquatic Center, and Each City Parks with Public Art discuss along the tour - A review of the parks and recreation services provided as well as the amenities provided by the City.  In addition, we will review the cooperative arrangements in place with Johnson County Parks and Recreation for some of the facilities and services. A review of the public art program and its role.

Session 7 Public Infrastructure: at the Public Works Facility, 4800 Roe Parkway, Roeland Park - Tour of public works with an overview of the services delivered as well as demonstrations for attendees to experience (leaf collection, street sweeping, snow plowing, asphalt milling/repair).

Session 8 Utilities- Water, Sanitary Sewer Service and Sold Waste Service: at the Myron K Nelson Wastewater Treatment Plan, 4800 Nall Ave, Mission - Tour of the Johnson County Wastewater Treatment Facility and overview of the treatment process, also providing the history of why the service is provided by the County and how treatment sites have been selected.  A review of the potable water service process as well as a history on how Waterone came to be the provider in Johnson County. A review of the solid waste services provided under contract with WCA along with a demonstration of the equipment used in providing solid waste, yard waste and recycling services along with history of the cooperative purchasing arrangement between Fairway, Westwood and Roeland Park. WCA to also provide an overview of the current state of the recycling market.

Session 9 Our Government Partners: at a restaurant (sponsored by Mauer Law and Larkin Engineers), State and US Reps/Senators as well as the Presiding and 1st District Commissioners invited to provide an overview of how they view their partnership roll with Roeland Park.  This will be the final session; we will also ask for the attendees to share the thing they learned that they found the most surprising and the experience they found the most enjoyable.

Class Recognition planned for a Council meeting in November.

The application deadline is June 15, 2021.  Please use this form to fill out your application. Questions email program administrator Katie Garica - Thank you for your interest in the Citizens’ Academy.

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