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Posted on: April 28, 2023

Patricia Searing Art Exhibit, May 1 through June 2, 2023

George Schlegel Gallery

(click on the flyer below for more information)Patricia Searing Exhibit May 2023  

"I am an artist, consultant, and coach. After decades of helping people as a psychologist I now get to draw them too!"

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and got the experiences of a lifetime after living in Los Angeles for 23 years. This is where I completed my Bachelors in Fine Art and Ph.D. in Psychology. I now live and work in Kansas City. I’m a coach and consultant while also enjoying how my art has taken me into the fascinating world of people, animals, and plants.

My art:

Integrity and authenticity are very important in my images. Therefore, I research my subjects thoroughly to develop images that accurately represent them.

I work to create sensitive renderings with fine expressive lines, considerable detail, and vibrant colors. I use all drawing mediums and paint in watercolor, pastels, oil and acrylics. I study from the environments around me and also from photographs, most of which I take myself.

I express my continued celebration of life by drawing and painting people, animals, and plants.  I think the human form is exquisite no matter the shape or size. My figure drawings show the rotund, the thin, the athletic or flaccid; old and young humans in all their beauty. 

I’ve always been concerned about the safety and protection of animals; how we treat them, what we expect of them. I love their expressions, especially around the eyes. In my animal portraits I endeavor to show them as the intelligent caring creatures they are. 

And plants… well their growth on earth is the exact science of our ability to breathe and eat. I draw and paint to portray their sensitivity, vitality and easy-living way of existing that highlights their creativity and beauty.

This is my way of, not only celebrating all life, but of sharing with you what I see. And my art connects me to living in harmony with what we all share: the earth. I hope you have a peaceful earth-experience when you view my art whether in a gallery, on line, or on your wall.

In gratitude, I contribute 15% of my proceeds to social-minded groups who protect people, animals and plants. 

Patricia Searing