How will the City use the information gathered?

The City will use the information gathered to inform their long-term strategy to build a healthy community - including urban planning, development and purchasing decisions. By knowing the distribution of emissions across the City, the City can better set emission targets. These targets will influence policymaking and program development in ways that can reduce these emissions over time. A data-centric tool enables the City staff and leadership to identify community partners who can join them in addressing concerns of energy costs, environmental pollution and community health.

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1. How is this updated each year? How recent is this data?
2. How does Dynamhex measure emissions?
3. If a homeowner makes changes to their home making it more efficient, how is that information gathered?
4. How is the City of Roeland Park using Dynamhex? What is the benefit? How does this tool actually help Roeland Park?
5. What will it do for the average Roeland Parker?
6. How do I use this tool?
7. How will the City use the information gathered?
8. Will this tool help the environment? What can be done with the information learned from this tool?
9. How else is Roeland Park committed to helping the environment/battling climate change?
10. What are things I can do to reduce my ecological footprint/carbon footprint?
11. What does the percentage mean for electrification?
12. How can I be sure you are keeping my data safe? How do you know so much about my home or business?