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Sign up to receive email updates from the City of Roeland Park.

Now you can also text ROELANDPARK to 22828 to start receiving emails.

Email Options

You have options! We've created a number of "interest" lists for you to choose from. Choose one or all; you will not receive duplicate emails in your inbox.

Getting on this list is easy. Click on the link to Constant Contact in the upper right corner of this page. You will be taken to a page where you can enter your email address and select your "interests." 

Here is a list of the "interests" to choose from (note the bullets below each interest group are only examples of possible topics):

  • All City emails
    • If you check this box, you will receive all city emails, except Ward specific news (you must check your Ward box separately).
  • Construction News - Road Closures / Future Projects
  • General City Correspondence - Newsletter / Elections
    • Meeting notices
    • Council meetings / workshops
    • Committee meetings
    • Planning and Zoning meetings
    • Budget hearings
    • Public information meetings
  • Mayor's Newsletter
  • Special Events - Art Receptions / Community Events
  • Ward Specific News

From time to time, City Council Members may have information they want to send to their specific Ward. If you would like to receive information relevant to your Ward, you must check the box of your Ward. If you do not check a Ward box, you will not receive the Ward specific emails.

Privacy Statement

The City uses a third-party provider called Constant Contact for the e-mail service. Both the City and Constant Contact are committed to preserving your privacy. Your information will be treated as confidential information; your e-mail address and contact information will not be sold or shared.

Notify JoCo

NotifyJoCo is a mass notification system designed to keep Johnson County residents and businesses informed of emergencies and certain non-emergency events.