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City Clerk

  1. Application for Occupational License, City of Roeland Park, Kansas
  2. Kansas Open Records Act Request
  3. Resident Spotlight

    Want to nominate a Roeland Park resident or family for a Resident Spotlight to feature in our newsletter and website? We're looking for... More…

  4. Special Event Permit Application - Type 2 to 5 Permits

    Type 2 to 5 permits apply to Christmas tree sales, promotional activities or devices, tent sales, trade shows, farmers' markets,... More…

  1. Contact Us
  2. Photo Contest Entry Form

    Submit your entry to the Roeland Park photo contest.

  3. Roeland Park Scavenger Hunt

    When you find the Roeland Park location described, take a selfie to prove you were there! Upload the selfies and type the location in... More…

Neighborhood Services

  1. Application for Portable Storage Unit or Dumpster Permit
  2. Code Violation Report Form
  3. RP Acts of Kindness

    Please complete this form to submit your act of kindness to City staff. A staff person will be in contact for more information if your... More…

  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Neighbors Helping Neighbors

    Application for the Neighors Helping Neighbors Program