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Complaint Form RPPD

  1. Filing an Official Complaint Against a Roeland Park Police Officer

    The Roeland Park Police Department takes any and all allegations of police misconduct very seriously. In the event someone feels they have been mistreated or otherwise done wrong by a member of the department, we, The Roeland Park Police Department, will accept any and all items of concern brought forth by a member of the public.

    Complaints against an officer are done by submitting a written complaint form to the Roeland Park Police Department (attached below).

    The following criteria MUST be adhered to in order for an official investigation to take place:

    • The form must be filled out in its entirety.
    • This form can be acquired by personal pickup at headquarters, downloading from the city website or can be emailed upon request.
    • While in person delivery of the form is encouraged, there is an online form that can be filled out and submitted as an alternative.
    • Once submitted, the complainant shall be interviewed by the Supervisor to assure report completeness and accuracy. In the event the complaint is against the Supervisor, the complainant shall be interviewed by the Chief of Police.

    If the complaint is sustained, an investigation into the matter shall take place and the appropriate action(s) shall be taken.

    Anonymous complaints, telephoned complaints or similar will not initiate an investigation under most circumstances. An investigation based on any complaint not submitted in writing may be done at the discretion of the Chief of Police depending on the nature or totality of circumstances involved in the complaint.

    In the event a member of the public does not wish to file a complaint with the Roeland Park Police Department, but wants to pursue other avenues to express a concern, they also have the option(s) of contacting KS-CPOST (Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training) at, or the KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigation) at

    This complaint process is implemented, not with the intent of inconveniencing a member of the public, but rather to ensure accuracy, completeness and an overall satisfactory outcome of any investigation that may take place involving alleged officer misconduct. The Roeland Park Police Department prides itself on its professionalism, effective enforcement actions and overall public satisfaction with police services.

    Cory Honas, Deputy Chief
    Roeland Park Police Department

    John Morris, Chief of Police
    Roeland Park Police Department                                                             

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