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Application for Portable Storage Unit or Dumpster Permit

  1. "Portable Storage Unit" means any container, with or without wheels, designed for the storage of personal property of a non-hazardous nature which is typically rented to owners or occupants of property for their temporary use and which is typically delivered and removed by truck. The term "portable storage unit" shall include dumpsters used for such purposes. 

  2. PLACEMENT OF PORTABLE STORAGE UNITS: Portable storage units must be placed on a concrete or asphalt surface in front of the dwelling, but no closer than ten feet from the front property line. Building Inspector may waive this restriction for good cause shown. No portable storage unit shall be placed on any street or public right-of-way or on the street side or a corner lot where traffic visibility is obstructed.

  3. DURATION OF PLACEMENT: A single portable storage unit may be temporarily placed on any single-family dwelling or duplex zoned property for up to 30 days in any six-month period; provided, however, that an additional fifteen days may be authorized by the Building Inspector for good cause shown. With the permission of the Building Inspector, portable storage units needed due to construction or major remodeling purposes requiring a building permit may be allowed to remain on the property for the period of the initial building permit.

  4. NUMBER OF UNITS ALLOWED: No more than one portable storage unit shall be placed on any property, provided, however, that with the permission of the Building Inspector, any person moving into or out of a property may be allowed two portable storage units. PERMITS: No person shall place or use a portable storage unit on any property without first obtaining a permit from the Building Inspector. The permit fee shall be twenty dollars per unit allowed. Should any portable storage unit be placed on any property without first obtaining a permit, the owner or occupant of the property causing the unit to be placed on the property shall pay a penalty of thirty dollars in addition to the permit fee.

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