Animal Control


Contact Animal Control at the Johnson County Dispatch non-emergency number at 913.782.0720.

  • When I see a dog running loose
  • When I suspect an animal is being abused or neglected
  • When my neighbor's dog won't stop barking
  • When there is a dead animal on my street or on other public property

Animal Control officers will pick up dead animals on the street or other public property.
If there is no Animal Control Officer on duty, Roeland Park officers can respond or answer questions (call them through the Sheriff's Dispatch number at 913-782-0720).|

Dead animals on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner to remove or the homeowner can call a private animal removal service. 

Nuisance Barking

For nuisance barking complaints, please call Johnson County Dispatch non-emergency number at 913.782.0720 and be prepared to provide the address where the dog is located. The call needs to be made while the barking is occurring, so sending an email notice is not effective. A Community Service Officer or Police Officer will respond to the call.


If your animal is missing and you believe it may have been picked up by Animal Control, please contact Melissa's Second Chances Rescue at 913-364-1822 as soon as possible. Unclaimed animals at the shelter may be released to be adopted if not claimed after 72 hours.


If you find sick or injured wildlife on your property, please go to the Operation Wildlife (O.W.L.) website or call them at 785-542-3625. O.W.L. has excellent resources on their website that can guide you in what to do if you find injured wildlife or they may be able to connect you to a volunteer in your area. You can contact a private animal relocation/removal service if wildlife is trapped in your home or you want it removed from your property.