Roeland Park Tree Inventory

Roeland Park is home to thousands of mature trees that provide numerous benefits to the community as well as the ecosystem. In 2022, the city developed a request for proposals to inventory all trees that had a D.B.H. (diameter at breast height) of six inches or larger that were located within the public city right-of-way as well as private trees beyond the public right-of-way up to the front face of properties spanning the lot width. This inventory identified 3,773 trees meeting the project scope criteria.

Several points of data were collected during the inventory that include geographical locations (GPS), species of tree, health condition, diameter of the tree, height & canopy spread, and suggested maintenance needs. The inventory data collected uses a web-based platform to view the data collected. Please note that this inventory data collected was completed by certified arborists.

What are the Benefits of Maintaining Tree Canopy?

Trees have been around for centuries and are part of our natural environment. Trees offer some amazing benefits. Let’s look at some of the positive impacts that trees provide.

1. Trees improve air quality. Did you know that trees are often known for being the lungs of the earth? They absorb pollutants through their leaves trapping and filtering contaminants in the air. Trees also produce oxygen by way of photosynthesis.

Fun Fact – Roeland Park trees produce 311 tons or 622,000 pounds of clean oxygen per year!

2. Trees improve water quality & reduce flooding – A trees leaf canopy catches precipitation before reaching the ground allowing it to drip slowly. Tree roots absorb water which reduces the amount of runoff in to storm sewers, streams, and rivers which enhances water quality.

Fun Fact – Roeland Park trees intercept nearly 9 million gallons of water per year and reduce runoff by nearly two million gallons per year.

3. Trees are good for the economy – Economic data has found that home values with trees are 7% higher than homes without

4. Trees conserve energy – Trees strategically placed on the sunny sides of home provide shade during the hot summer sun which reduces cooling costs by as much as 30%

5. Trees temper climate – Trees can lower air temperatures and reduce humidity. Heat Islands can develop in cities due to dark roofs and pavements absorbing solar energy and radiating it back. Trees canopy can also lower pavement temperatures and car interiors.

6. Value of Trees – Trees can have a significant monetary value.

Fun Fact – Roeland Park trees have an estimated replacement value of over $33,000,000.


Click here to view the tree inventory and the tutorial.