Adopt an Island Program

Application Process:

  • Please complete an Adopt-An Island Application accompanied by a proposed landscape plan, work plan with list of plantings, and two-year maintenance schedule.
  • Completed Applications to be submitted to: City of Roeland Park Department of Park & Rec.
  • Upon approval by the City, the Adopter agrees to maintain the island for a two-year period. The City will inspect the work upon completion and periodically thereafter to ensure that the island is properly maintained.
  • Renewal of the Adopt-An-Island is at the discretion of the City and will be considered 30 days prior to the conclusion of existing Agreement.

Planting Guidelines:

  • Use plant materials that tolerate dry, poor soils, requires less water than most, and requires a minimum amount of maintenance, limited susceptibility to insect and disease infestation, and tolerance to salt exposure are desirable traits.
  • Use peat moss, manures, or other organic matter as soil amendments to improve soil structure and increase water-retentive properties of soils.
  • The City encourages the use of native plantings when and where possible to reduce storm water runoff and creates natural habitats for pollinators and other wildlife. Funding for this effort is available through a cooperative agreement with Johnson County, the City and Bridging the Gap. To apply, go to (Not available for Adopt An Island Program. Funding only available for resident’s private property)
  • Limit use of fertilizers to avoid over-stimulating plant growth which in turn increases water requirements.
  • Employ proper watering practices especially during establishment period. 
  • Ultimate height of shrubs to be no greater than 3 feet
  • Proper roadway sight distances in accordance with American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) must be maintained.

Adopt an Island Application (PDF)
City Island and Designations Map (PDF)
2 Year Maintenance Schedule (Example)