Traffic Calming Policy

The City of Roeland Park’s Traffic Calming Program reflects the City's commitment to the safety and livability of its residential neighborhoods. This policy was developed through a joint endeavor by two city departments: Public Works and Police. Under this policy, the Public Works Department will work with the Police Department and residents in a unique, cooperative and comprehensive effort to identify traffic problems in their neighborhoods and seek appropriate solutions. Citizen participation is encouraged, as it is an important part of all traffic safety programs. Experience in other cities has shown that traffic safety related initiatives that are implemented without involving the neighborhood are frequently unsuccessful.


The purpose of the Traffic Calming Program is to address neighborhood traffic concerns on residential streets. The goal is NOT traffic displacement onto other residential streets. The goal of the Traffic Calming Program is to promote safe and livable neighborhoods by reducing the negative impact of traffic in residential areas though education, enforcement and engineering. Although "livable" in terms of a neighborhood does not have a precise definition, a livable neighborhood can be described as having the following characteristics:


  • Ability to feel safe and secure when using the street.
  • Opportunity to interact with neighbors.
  • Ability to experience a sense of home and privacy.
  • A sense of community identification.
  • Attractive streets.


Action(s) taken to address neighborhood traffic concerns are identified through a Neighborhood Traffic Study that can be initiated through several avenues, including resident request.

Traffic Calming Policy
Traffic Calming Request Form and Survey
Traffic Calming Request Survey Only